Aug 25, 2011

Android 3.2 Update for Asus EEE Pad Slider now Online

The Asus Eee pad slider is not yet on the market, only a few is available in countries such as Taiwan. The tablet comes with Android 3.1 Honeycomb, but Asus had promised that it will immediately give an update to Android 3.2. And indeed, the update on Android 3.2 can now be downloaded from Asus website. It is the “WW” version, which stands for “world”. German version of Eee pad sliders can start probably nothing with the update, as they were too heavily customized. But from Asus, we know already now that the updates seem surprisingly fast, so we will certainly also have Android 3.2, when the tablet is published in Germany. Asus will introduce the Eee pad slider on 15 September at a press conference for the German market.

Android 3.2 update for Asus Eee pad slider now online



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